Adam & Eve


Pho Ga  Scr240
Vietnamese chicken noodle soup, Asian vegetables, chicken broth

Thai Coconut Soup  Scr240
Coconut broth, ginger, tofu, vegetables, lemongrass


Thai Glass Noodle Salad  Scr210
Cabbage, bell pepper, onion, peas, cucumber tossed in spicy dressing

Lumpia Goreng  Scr220
Traditional Indonesian style vegetable spring rolls, homemade dipping sauce

Carrot Noodle Salad  Scr220
Spiraled carrot and cucumber “noodles” tossed with avocado, spring onion, coriander, ginger-miso dressing

Thai Beef Salad  Scr265
Seared and marinated beef, lettuce, cucumber, bell pepper, Thai curry dressing


Indonesian Vegetable Burger  Scr255
Traditional “bakwan” fritter, spicy tomato, tomato, sliced onion, fried egg, brioche bun

Thai Style Fish Wrap  Scr280
Marinated local fish, crispy romaine lettuce, aromatic herbs, tomato, onion

Chef’s Beef Pulled Burger  Scr375
Asian inspired braised beef, caramelised onion, tomato, lettuce, spicy sambal


MeeGoreng  Scr260
Wok fried noodles, mixed vegetables, egg

Thai Vegetable Curry  Scr275
Seasonal vegetables cooked in yellow paste curry, coconut milk served with fragrant jasmine rice

NasiGoreng  Scr300
Indonesian style fried rice, chicken, prawns, mixed vegetables, egg

Ayam Kunyit  Scr335
Turmeric fried chicken, pickled cucumber and pineapple salad, fragrant jasmine rice

Local Reef Fish  Scr355
Grilled reef fish wrapped in banana leaf marinated with fragrant spices, Malaysian sambal sauce, fragrant jasmine rice

Char Grilled Pork Ribs  Scr390
Slow braised pork ribs, Asian slaw, house-spiced French fries 

Sizzling Beef  Scr410
Wok fried beef strip loin, mixed vegetables, hot and sour sauce served sizzling table side with fragrant jasmine rice

Sizzling Prawns*  Scr650
Supplement of Scr200 for Full Board Guests
Wok fried tiger prawns, mixed vegetables, oyster sauce served sizzling table side with fragrant jasmine rice


MochiIce Cream (per piece) Scr70
Ask your server for today’s flavour

Fresh Papaya  Scr90
Sliced local papaya simply served with lemon wedge

Coconut Sagoo  Scr160
Coconut flavoured tapioca pearls, coconut ice cream, fried coconut

LecheFlan  Scr180
Filipino style crème caramel, coconut ice cream, caramel sauce

Chocolate Sabayon  Scr210
Chocolate mousse, vanilla frozen yoghurt, passion fruit, banana, nutmeg espuma

 Thai Coconut Soup  Scr240
Coconut broth, ginger, tofu, vegetables, lemongrass

Tom Yum Seafood  Scr395
Seafood broth, mushrooms, galangal, lemongrass, fresh coriander, tom yum chili, mixed seafood

Papaya Salad  Scr170
Raw papaya, carrot, long beans, lime juice, fish sauce, chili, dried shrimps, peanuts, garlic

Pomelo Salad  Scr190
Thai style local pomelo, peanuts, coconut, chili, garlic, tamarind dressing

Lumpia Goreng  Scr220
Traditional Indonesian style vegetable spring rolls, homemade dipping sauce

Thai Glass Noodle Salad  Scr210
Cabbage, bell pepper, onion, peas, cucumber, peanuts tossed in spicy dressing

Pork BBQ  Scr240
Traditional Filipino pork skewers, pickled papaya

Satay Chumpur  Scr240
Beef, lamb, chicken peanut sauce

Thai Beef Salad  Scr265
Seared & marinated beef, lettuce, cucumber, bell pepper, Thai chili dressing

Dynamite Prawns*  Scr465
Supplement of Scr100 for Half Board I Full Board guests
Crispy coated prawns, deep fried, Srirachachili mayo


Sizzling Squid  Scr320
Squid marinated in soy, garlic, lemon, Asian vegetables, served sizzling with fragrant jasmine rice

Pork Belly Sisig  Scr335
Boiled & fried pork belly, served sizzling with fried egg, creamy sauce, fragrant jasmine rice

Sizzling Beef  Scr410
Wok fried beef strip loin, mixed vegetables, hot & sour sauce, served sizzling with fragrant jasmine rice


Szechuan Aubergine  Scr260
Fried aubergine, spicy Szechuan sauce

MeeGoreng  Scr260
Malay wok fried noodles, mixed vegetables, egg

Cauliflower Manchurian  Scr265
Fried cauliflower served in a sweet spicy sauce

Wok Fried Broccoli  Scr270
Broccoli, tofu, ginger, soy, hot basil

Chili Paneer  Scr295
Indian cottage cheese, fried and served in an Indochinestyle

SIGNATURE SPECIAL DISH (requires 24-hours reservation) 

Peking Duck* served with two (2) starters and two (2) desserts Scr2,530
Air-dried and marinated with Chinese vinegar, cooking wine served with traditional condiments

Supplement of Scr1100 for Half Board and Full Board Guests

All served with rice

Kari Ikan Singapore  Scr385
Singaporean style fish curry, eggplant, okra

Thai Green Curry
Your choice of: Mixed Vegetables  Scr275

Chicken  Scr300
Fish  Scr310

Thai Red Curry
Your choice of: Mixed Vegetables  Scr275

Lamb  Scr370
Prawns* Scr690
Supplement of Scr300 for Half Board I Full Board guests


Pad Thai  Scr300
Flat rice noodles, shrimps, egg, peanuts, tofu, bean sprouts, tamarind sauce

Nasi Goreng  Scr300
Indonesian style fried rice, chicken, prawns, mixed vegetables, egg

Ayam Rendang  Scr340
Char grilled chicken rendang, coconut rice, sambal, cucumber-pineapple pickle

Pad Krapao Talay*  Scr540
Supplement of Scr100 for Half Board I Full Board guests
Wok fried mixed seafood, hot basil

Szechuan Lobster*  Scr1235
Supplement of Scr770 for Half Board I Full Board guests
Whole lobster served in spicy Szechuan sauce, sautéed bokchoy, fragrant jasmine rice

 MochiIce Cream (per piece)  Scr70
Ask your server for today’s flavour

Fresh Papaya  Scr90
Sliced local papaya simply served with lemon wedge

Coconut Sagoo  Scr160
Coconut flavouredtapioca pearls, coconut ice cream, dried coconut

Pineapple Feuillantine  Scr210
Ivory chocolate mousse, pineapple compote, crispy feuillantine, kalamansicoulis

Praline Sable Tart  Scr220
Nutella mousse, matchaice cream

Pisang Goreng Coklat  Scr240
Crispy fried banana with chocolate & vanilla ice cream


Vegetable Purée

Pumpkin Purée

Fruit Purée

Mashed Potatoes

Fruit or Plain Yoghurt


Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich 90
served on toasted white bread garnished with strawberry-pineapple compote

Tuna Salad Sandwich 125
tuna served on whole wheat bread, mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato and celery sticks

Kids Crudites 110
carrots, cucumber, bell pepper served with homemade flat bread and herbed dipping sauce

Build your Own Sub 140
ham, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato served with soft hotdog bread and mayonnaise


Steamed Rice 55

Steamed Vegetables 55

French Fries 55


Mini Burger 185
kids classic cheese burger served with steamed rice or french fries

Cornflakes Chicken 180
chicken breast coated in cornflakes crumb, fried and served with roasted vegetable skewer and tropical salsa

Mini Steak 165
mini beef steak with grilled vegetables and French fries

Deconstructed Caesar Salad 145
chicken, croutons, romaine lettuce, bacon bits, Caesar dressing deconstructed to create on your own 

Fish Tacos 180
shredded fresh fish, taco shell, mango, sweetcorn topped with shredded lettuce and tropical salsa

Spaghetti 180
tossed with tomato sauce and cheese

Grilled or Fried Fish 190
peas and fries


Dip your Own Fruit Skewers 100
apples, grapes, banana served with honey swirled yoghurt

Banana Split 110
banana filled with your choice of ice cream topped with fruit coulis

Exotic Fruit Salad 95
seasonal fruits of the moment served with red apple

Innocent Mix 130 

Virgin Colada 

Pineapple, coconut milk, syrup 

Basil Papa Boost 

Fresh orange, fresh papaya, basil, lime juice 

Glory Banana 

Banana, pineapple, coconut milk, honey syrup 

Virgin Mojito 

Mint leaves, lime juice, simple syrup, sprite 

Long Maracuja 175 

Passion fruit, lime juice, angostura bitter, vanilla syrup, ginger ale 

Detox Corner 150 
Tropical Mint 

Celery, cucumber, spinach, mint leaves, pineapple, lemon 

Green Ginger Ale 

Apples, celery, spinach, cucumber, ginger, lime 

Sweet Beat 

Beetroot, carrot, celery, lemon, ginger, green apple 

Long and Refreshing 220 

Cotomili Fizz 

Gin, ginger, lime juice, coriander, soda water 

Tiki or Not Tiki 200 
Big Blue 

Takamaka white rum, coconut, blue curacao, pineapple 

Papaya Moana 

Takamaka white rum and dark spiced rum, spice syrup, lime juice, papaya 

Rich and Aromatic 200 

Tequila, cointreau, fresh lime juice 

Whiskey Sour 

Bourbon, lemon juice, sugar 

Wine on your Cocktail 
Aperol Spritz 200 

Sparkling wine, soda water, aperol 

Campari Spritz 200 

Sparkling wine, soda water, Campari 

Kir 200 

White wine, crème de cassis 

Veneziano Spritz 200 

White wine, soda water 

Tinto De Verano 200 

Red wine, sprite 

Kir Royal 370 

Champagne, crème de cassis

Classics 200 
Tom Collins 

Gin, lemon juice, sugar, soda water 


Bourbon, sweet vermouth, angostura bitter 


White rum, lemon juice, sugar 

Old Fashioned 

Bourbon, angostura bitter, brown sugar, soda water 

Singapore Sling 

Gin, Cointreau, cherry brandy, Benedictine, bitter, grenadine, fresh lime juice, pineapple, soda water 


Gin, sweet vermouth, bitter 


White rum, coconut milk, pineapple 

Re-Imagined Cocktail 200 

Gin, bitter, fresh watermelon, lemon juice, guava nectar 

Constance Creole Smash 

Rum, angostura bitters, orange, lemon juice, ginger, mint 

Spiced Vanilla & Lychee Martini 

Vanilla vodka, sugar syrup, fresh chili, lychee nectar 

Passion Fruit & Vanilla Caipirinha 

Cachaca, fresh passion fruit, lemon juice, vanilla syrup 

Honeyed Banana Daiquiri 

White rum, banana, lime juice, honey 

Seselwa Rums 40ml 

Takamaka Bay, spirit of the Seychelles internationally acclaimed and multiple award winning island rums from the historic ‘La Plaine St Andre’ plantation on Mahé. 

Takamaka Bay, white rum 130 

Takamaka Bay, dark rum (Island Spiced) 130 

Takamaka Bay, coco rum 130 

Takamaka Bay, St Andre, vesou 150 

Takamaka Bay, St Andre (8 years) 175 

Gin 40ml 

Gordon’s 130 

Beefeater 150 

Bombay Sapphire 175 

Tanqueray 175 

Citadelle 200 

World Rum 40ml 

Bacardi Black 150 

Captain Morgan Black 150 

Havana Club (3 years) 175 

Smith & Cross 200 

10 Cane 200 

Vodka 40ml 

Smirnoff Red 130 

Absolut Blue 150 

Absolut Flavours 150 

Ask your bartender for our current range 

Grey Goose 220 

Ciroc 220 

Belvedere 220 

Tequila 40ml 

Real Camino Silver/ Gold 150 

Single Malt Whisky 40ml 

Glenfiddich (18 years) 300 

Glenlivet Smith (12 years) 300 

Glenmorangie (18 years) 300 

Scotch Whisky 40ml 

J&B Rare 130 

Johnnie Walker (Red Label) 130 

Johnnie Walker (Black Label-12 years) 175 

Chivas (12 years) 220 

American Whiskey 40ml 

Jim Beam (White Label) 130 

Jack Daniel’s 150 

Irish Whiskey 40ml 

Jameson’s (12 years) 150 

Bushmills 175 

Liqueur 40ml 

Amarula, African Cream 130 

Bottega Sambuca 130 

Bottega Limoncello 130 

Crème de Menthe 130 

Bailey’s Irish Cream 150 

Cointreau 150 

Amaretto 150 

Galliano 150 

Tia Maria 150 

Malibu 150 

Southern Comfort 150 

Drambuie 150 

Grand Marnier Rouge 150

Anisé 40ml 

Pernod 150 

Pastis 51 150 

Apperitives 60ml 

Martini Bianco 130 

Martini Rosso 130 

Martini Extra Dry 130 

Campari 150 

Pimm’s No1 150 

Aperol 150 

Cognac 40ml 

Remy Martin VSOP 260 

Henessy VSOP 260 

Grappa 40ml 

Alexander Bianca 150 

Bottega Fume 150 


Seybrew 280ml 105 

Eku 280ml 105 

Guinness 330ml 105 


Corona 330ml 150 

Heineken 330ml 150 

Savana Cider 330ml 150 


Sprite | Fanta | Coca-Cola | Diet Coke | 70 

Sey Pearl 70 

Soda Water| Tonic Water | Ginger Ale 

Schweppes Bitter Lemon 70 

Red Bull 150 

Minute Juices 33 cl 130 

Seasonal | Orange | Pineapple | 


Juices 33 cl 60 

Mango | Orange | Pineapple | Grapefruit |Passion Fruit | Apple | Guava | Lychee | Cranberry 


Josephine 500ml 50 

Josephine 1000ml 70 

Josephine Sparkling 1000ml 70 

Acqua Panna 500ml 125 

Evian 330ml 110 

Evian 750ml 175 

Perrier 330ml 110 

Perrier 750ml 175 

San Pellegrino 500ml 125


Espresso 60 

Decaffeinated Coffee 60 

Double Espresso 90 

Café Latte 90 

Cappuccino 90 

Macchiato 90 

Café Shequerato 90 

Coffee Cocktails 200 

Kreole Coffee | Kalhua Coffee 

Almond Coffee | Irish Coffee 

Espresso Martini 200 

Tea Dilmah 60 

English Breakfast | Earl Grey | Darjeeling 

Green Tea | Chamomile | Peppermint | Decaffeinated 


Lemongrass 60 

Iced Tea 100 

Juice Peach 

English breakfast tea, peach, sliced peach 

Pineapple – Mint 

Fresh infused mint tea, pineapple juice, sugar 

Jasmine – Honey 

Jasmine tea, honey, lime 

Chamomile – Apple – Honey 

Chamomile tea, apple juice, honey 

Spicy Vanilla 

Vanilla tea, vanilla, dash of tabasco 

Frappuccino 120 

Coconut Crème Vanilla 

Coffee, milk, coconut cream, vanilla 


Coffee, milk, homemade caramel 

Cinnamon – Orange 

Coffee, milk, homemade cinnamon-orange 

Butterscotch – Honey 

Coffee, milk, honey, butterscotch 

 Available from 12:00hrs until 17:00hrs 


Thai Glass Noodle Salad 210
cabbage, bell pepper, onion, peas, cucumber tossed in spicy peanut dresssing 

Carrot Noodle Salad 220 
spiraled carrots & cucumber “noodles” tossed with avocado, spring onion, coriander, ginger-miso dressing 

Classic Caesar Salad 210 
romaine lettuce, anchovies, parmesan shavings, croutons tossed in a classic Caesar dressing 

OPTIONAL: Chicken – 60 / Prawns – 85 / Bacon – 60 


Lentil & Avocado Wrap 240
with hints of chili, lemon, avocado, mixed vegetables 

Indonesian Vegetable Burger 255
traditional bakwan fritter, spicy tomato relish, tomato, sliced onion, fried egg, brioche bun 

Thai Style Fish Wrap 280
marinated local fish, crispy romaine lettuce, aromatic herbs, tomato, onion 

Club Sandwich Wrap 350 
chicken mayo, grilled bacon, boiled egg, tomato, romaine lettuce 

Chef’s Pulled Beef Burger 375 
Asian inspired pulled & braised beef, caramelized onion, tomato, lettuce, spicy sambal 

All sandwiches and wraps are served with French fries 


Margherita 270 
tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese 

Vegetarian 290
tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, bell pepper, onions, mushrooms, olives 

Indian Ocean Marinara 310 
tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, smoked marlin, octopus, calamari 


Selection of traditional ice cream & Asian mochi 220 

Coconut Sagoo 220 

Fresh Fruit Platter 220 

Please note that some food may contain allergens. Kindly inform us of your dietary requirements. Consuming raw food is at your own risk.
Half board & full board guests are entitled with a three 3-course menu (Starter, Main Course & Dessert). Additional courses will be charged to your account.
*Half board and full board guests pay a supplement for these dishes.
Pool & Beach facilities are accessible for in-house guests and Privilege Card members only.
All prices are in Seychelles Rupees and inclusive of V.A.T and service charge.
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